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Makwa is first and foremost an expert in group travel in America. From our first tours in 1993, we now help nearly 5,000 travelers per year travel to North America to explore its every nook and cranny. Backed by our experience on the ground, our team, our flexibility, our boundless energy and our professionalism, we
make sure all the pieces are in place so that travelers can have
an unforgettable adventure. That’s how we positioned ourselves
as a leader for European groups.


The energy invested by our tour leaders helped shaping our trademark ad one of competency and quality. Based in Montreal, we’re always searching for new horizons and new adventures...
but we never venture forth without our values, which form the very bedrock of our success.



Carl Boudreault




Founder of Makwa in 1993, his dynamism and knowledge shaped him to be fearless and to accept every challenge along the way!


Hélène Bouvier


Rigor, professionalism and trust. Three words that best describe her day to day work at Makwa for nearly ten years.

Lorraine Béland



Flight Group Booking

Her customer service experience for a tech company helped her develop patience and great organization skills, which are essential in the booking team!

Jessica Urquhart



Booking Manager

Jessica went from tour leader to booking manager in 2015. With her multiple travels, her professionalism and commitment, she brings experience and enthusiasm to the booking team.

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